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Idaho Falls Auditorium Series: Episode 8: The Conference Space

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Published: 2022-03-15 | Modified: 2022-03-15
By: Tyson Bolkcom
Posted in: Construction Updates
Idaho Falls Auditorium Series: Episode 8: The Conference Space

The last few weeks have been very chilly working conditions for the guys with Bateman-Hall, as they continue their work on the long-awaited Mountain America Event Center, but they’re optimistic that the worst is behind them and warmer days are ahead, according to Malone Bullock, Assistant Project Manager. 


The facility is mostly enclosed at this point, which has made it easier for working hands to stay warm. The goal early on was always to get as much of the conference space enclosed before the infamous Idaho winter set in, so that as much work as possible could continue to be done through the less hospitable winter months.


According to Rob Spear, Executive Director for the Idaho Falls Auditorium District, the conference space is really coming along nicely, and will be a great facility for people to host conferences, trade shows, etc. The 10,000 square feet conference space can be broken up into five separate meeting rooms, hosting up to 650 people in one setting. As it stands, there are not many conference spaces in this community. So a space well needed for Idaho Falls.


The facility will have a showroom floor, for events such as RV expos. There will be various offices in the convention space, so various financing packages will be available. In addition, the conference space is being designed to be broken up into five smaller rooms. To achieve that, Bateman-Hall had to implement folding panel partitions, which open and close to minimize the space, and cater to the different activities. This design is very versatile and can be configured in so many different ways, which will be a great benefit to the community. 


A significant amount of work has also been done with all the HVAC systems, along with track systems being installed for the partitions. There is a sound barrier as well, which makes it very difficult to work around and coordinate with all the contractor teams involved in this project. This can occasionally cause tension, but all in all, everyone is working well and moving forward on this project.

The current timeline of completion will have the facility completed by November of 2022. You can view the full length of this update  here . To keep following the progress of the Mountain America Event Center, subscribe to  Construction Business TV  on YouTube and visit the  Idaho Falls Auditorium Series  playlist.


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