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Dept. of Labor wants input from Idaho construction businesses | CBTV-Idaho Falls | Tyson Bolkcom

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Published: 2021-03-11 | Modified: 2021-03-11
By: Tyson Bolkcom
Posted in: Construction Updates

Today on CBTV Idaho, we're going to recognize a woman in Twin Falls who is making history in the construction industry in Idaho. We're going to update you on some things going on with the construction of the new water
tower in Idaho Falls. And finally the US Department of Labor is seeking input from construction businesses in
Idaho. They need your help. 

My name is Tyson, I am your local journalist, and videographer for construction business TV in the Idaho Falls area. Construction business TV is an online news platform dedicated to keeping you up to date on construction projects as they unfold in the Idaho Falls area. We also have to showcase local construction based businesses in the Idaho Falls area. to help reinvigorate interest in construction, blue collar work as a career. And in the interest of aiding in that re invigoration I have some new job leads that I wanted to let you guys know this is right out of indeed.com. This is from a company called advanced home services. They have listed for job openings in Idaho Falls off of indeed.com. They are looking for a drain technician, Springfield technician, plumbing technician, an plumbing service manager. All positions are listed as entry level. They can all be found on indeed.com. I'm going to leave a link. It will take you right to all four of them here:


OK, let's get into these three stories. First one is down in Twin Falls, the city of Twin Falls inspector Courtney Kent was awarded the 2020 building code official of the year award and making her the first woman in the state of Idaho ever to receive this award. She says that for me the biggest honor was probably the fact that I was nominated by my colleagues. That meant the most to me. Kent added that she encourages any woman out there who has apprehensions toward being a part of a male dominated. Industry to not be
afraid to challenge the status quo.


Next story. We're going back out to Idaho Falls. We're going to talk about that water tower, mainly talking about location decisions as well as where they're leaning on designs for this water tower. South Capitol park was selected as the location of the new Idaho Falls water tower during a City Council work session last may. It was one of three city owned sites members of the community could choose from. The other options included the parking lot next to the state of Idaho building and the parking lot behind Chesbro music, east of the Idaho Falls Public Library. So several designs are currently being considered for this new water tower. Kerry Hammond, a city spokeswoman for the project, says that the large footprint of the current design along with rust and paint damage is a concern for the city. She goes on to say. "Those four columns you can see- that takes longer to paint because there is more surface area to cover, so that's a significant ongoing cost that the city would front." So the towers final design hasn't yet been determined, but Hammond says that there are leaned toward a structure with a single column.


OK, we're going to wrap this up with our big national story that affects Idaho directly. the US Department of labor's wage and hour division is asking businesses in Idaho's building and heavy construction industries to complete a survey to help the agency established prevailing wage rates as required under the Davis bacon
and related acts. The city includes active building, heavy highway in residential construction
projects in all Metropolitan counties in Idaho. Between January of last year and December of 2021, OK, so the
acts that I mentioned above. They direct the Department to set prevailing wage rates that reflect the actual wages and fringe benefits paid to the construction workers in the County where the work takes place. Full participation by contractors and interested parties allows the Department to establish accurate prevailing wages and create complete wage determinations. In turn, accurate wages an complete determinations
reduce the need for contractors to request additional classifications so the division is going to send notification
letters and data collection forms known as WD 10s, to interested parties and contractors known to the agency. To be included postmark all data by October 22nd, 2021. This survey is also available online
and you don't need to receive a letter to participate in the survey. I'm going to leave a link to for you to participate
in that survey if you're interested, and that link will be available in the description below this video as well.


Alright guys that does it for this week's edition of construction business TV an Idaho. My name is Tyson, I'm your local journalist and videographer. If you want to keep up to date on construction projects as they unfold in real time in Idaho Falls. Subscribe to the channel, hit the notification bell. If you have any information on construction projects that I'm not covering in this channel, let me know. Leave comments, leave information in the comments below the video on YouTube and I'll look into them for you. And most importantly, if you or anybody you know owns or runs a construction business, have them reach out to me and we can set up a time to get together and have it interview to showcase them in their business on our platform for free.

Thank you guys for your time. Thank you for your support.


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