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Updates on New Idaho Falls Water Tower | CBTV-Idaho Falls with Tyson Bolkcom

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Published: 2021-02-16 | Modified:
By: Tyson Bolkcom
Posted in: Construction Updates
Updates on New Idaho Falls Water Tower | CBTV-Idaho Falls with Tyson Bolkcom

Idaho Falls is now making headway on two massive construction projects, which have now each been assigned architects to see them through to completion. I also have some information for you on the updates of the new water tower that's set to go up in Idaho Falls. 

Welcome back guys to CBTV Idaho. My name is Tyson on your local journalist, an videographer for construction business TV in the East Idaho area. If this is your first time with construction business TV, it's a channel dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the construction projects and road development projects going on in your local area to keep you guys informed and safe.

And in the spirit of keeping you guys safe, I always begin these videos with a local road closure and delay report. My report  today is going to be taking place between Sugar City and Saint Anthony up North of Idaho Falls. the US 20 westbound on the right Lane is currently blocked between Exit 346 Bridge NOTE Confidence: 0.8514264 St and the North Fork Teton River Bridge. About amount East  of the Sugar City area. The
right Lane is block utility. Work is in progress. So you guys need to drive safe on that stretch of Hwy. Plan a little bit more time in your commute because it is narrow down to one Lane at this time.

OK, Next up I have the local job leads post this ones fresh out the oven for you guys. Work steer in Idaho Falls is hiring for a number of positions right now. The hiring for apprentice electricians, CDL drivers, customer service Rep Drywall Stocker, framer general laborers, general construction packing operators. If these jobs interest you in your qualified, please stop by our office at 2217 E 17th St.  Idaho Falls or apply on our website.

OK, finally let's get to these news stories. Project number one. Idaho Falls power solicited bids from  qualified contractors to remodel the IFP. Idaho Falls Power administration building per NBAA architects drawings and specifications. Bids were received from 5 different  architect companies, and the bid was awarded to Alan Clark Construction, LLC. Their estimated cost for this project was $200,000.

Project #2 Idaho Falls power solicit bids from qualified contractors to provide conduit for buried electrical conductor replacement and fiber optic cable installation. Three bids were received in regards to this project, and the bid was awarded to be Jackson Construction. The base bid with add-on alternatives. This gets a little bit complex. Base bid with add-on  alternatives was $1,426,000 and some odd dollars, but they're adding 10%
contingency of that amount plus 10% change order authority for installation of fiber based on this bid price for areas with existing fiber conduit for a total authorization of $1,711,272.

K final story. Let's talk about what's going on with this water tower. Murray Smith has been chosen as the contractor to head what's been referred to as the well three elevated tower project. The current proposed contract amount for this project is $467,139. Counselor Freeman said that this item moves the city another step closer to building the one million gallon water tower. Public Works director Chris Fredrickson. Stated that there was extensive public involvement in 2019 and 2020. This involvement helped determine that the best location would be in South Capitol Park. The water tower will be constructed of a steel storage tank on a pedestal. Director Fredrickson stated that the addendum is an additional amount to the original contract for a total of $606,223, which is still lower than anticipated. He also stated that it will take nine months to complete the final design, two months for the bidding process, and 20 months of construction with completion in fall of 2023. He believes the Snake River is one of the greatest  resources in the city. And must be protected during construction, he stated a set of controls will be put in place during construction to ensure the waterfalls are not impacted. Implementation of current seismic design will ensure the tower will be suited to weather potential seismic activity and the proposed site for the new tower is no closer to the Snake River than the current water tower.

That does it for today's weekly NEWS UPDATE. If you found the information helpful like the video, if you want to keep up to date on the progress of construction projects as they unfold in real time, Follow Construction Business TV on YouTube, hit the subscribe button, hit the notification Bell so that you get notified when these updates come out.

Thank you guys for your time. Thank you for your support. If you have any more stories or if you have any questions about the stories that we're covering, leave them in the YouTube comments. Thank you
guys. Drive safe.


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