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How to Select a Quality New Hampshire Plumbing Contractor

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Are you building a new residential home or commercial office space? Need help with a plumbing repair job? Having a high quality plumber as a member of your construction team is a must. Even though, not all New Hampshire Plumbers are trustworthy, there is good news. The following tips will help you select the right New Hampshire plumbing contractor for your project.

Confirm the Contractor's Business

Confirm the Contractor's Business First of all, a serious contractor will also be a serious business person. Therefore, they will set up a proper business entity. This important business step protects their employees and customers. Ask the contractor if their business is set up as an LLC, S-corp or C-corp. This should give you additional confidence that they are serious about being a legitimate New Hampshire plumbing contractor. Furthermore, you can also check with the Secretary of State to validate their corporate status.

Verify the Contractor's Insurance

Verify the Contractor's Insurance Secondly, all trustworthy New Hampshire Plumbers carry valid insurance. Ask them to include a copy of their insurance certificate with their bid proposal. Additionally, this will quickly scare off anyone who is doing business illegally.

Check the Contractor's References

Check the Contractor's References Third, get at least three references! Also, make sure to ask about any relationship between the New Hampshire plumbing contractor and the reference. Most importantly, ask if the reference would ever use the Plumbing Contractor again.


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Compare Pricing

Compare the Contractor's Pricing

Compare the Contractor's Pricing Lastly, compare New Hampshire Plumbers rates information for 2019, from the top home improvement professional sites.

HomeAdvisor lists average plumbing rates to be $45 to $150 per hour, nationwide, .

Fixr lists average plumbing rates to be $45 - $65 per hour, nationwide, .

Interestingly, Thumbtack does not list an average rate; however, they do point out that rates may vary according to the experience level of the plumber, .

Cost Helper lists average plumbing rates to be $45 - $150 per hour, nationwide, .

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