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The Power of the Blog

  • Your First Blog - The Basics

    • Log into Quality-Trades.com
    • Go to “Your Listing” at the top right of your screen and “left click” on it.
    • Once in your account, a menu bar will appear in the blue menu box, listing such things as timeline, blog, faq, gallery, etc.
    • Click on “blog” and scroll down.  Click on the “+”.  Once you’ve clicked on the “+”, multiple text boxes will appear.
    • Give your Blog a “title” and a “category” then proceed to enter your blog information into the Blog text box.
    • If an “image is to be added, click on the blue “select” button.  Your images on file will appear and you may choose an image.  The image will automatically be added to the blog.
    • At the bottom of the screen is a “Share to Timeline” option.  A check mark will share or remove the check mark to NOT share to your timeline.
    • Once these steps are completed, click on “Create New Blog” and your Blog will be posted. 
  • Why Blog?

    The Blog section of your Quality-Trades profile is an extremely powerful tool.  We use the latest SEO technologies to help your blogs rank very high on search engines.  Here are a few important tips to creating blogs that rank high and capture new buisness:

    #1.  Always keep in mind that blogs on Quality-Trades are "Landing Pages".  This means that you are creating a simple page that is focused on a single topic.  This will help search engines direct people your blog and "land" on your Q-T listing or Q-T website.

    #2.  You should use SEO tools, like keyword analyzers to help you write a concise 2 to 3 paragraphs.  A well written blog will focus on ONLY ONE keyword phrase.  This will make it very easy for Search Engines to understand the focus of your blog. (We offer an SEO Toolkit for only $19/mo).


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