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Kopy By Kenz

Pine Bush, NY


Kopy By Kenz

Wouldn't it be nice not to work... but make a LO-O-OT of money?

Sound too good to be true?


Yeah, it kind of is... but only kinda!

"What the hell are you talking about?" you may inquire as you sit, exhausted, after a long day of running your small business.

What the hell I'm talking about is: YES, as a small business owner, your workload is pretty hefty, and always making sure that you're engaging current customers and winning new ones is a tall order and a LO-O-OT of work.

... "well", I say again to you, my friend.

While I may not be able to run your business for you...

I sure as hell can help that customer ebb and flow grown into a Tsunami!

"How the hell will you do that?" you demand, aghast at such an audacious proclamation.

With copywriting, of course!

Writing is kind of my thing if you couldn't tell...

(I totally really like it and stuff)

And I've spent the last 6 years happily helping businesses entertain, inform and build their audiences with content.

I'd like to do that for you!

Want to find out how Kopy By Kenz will help your brand expand?

"YES!" you finally exclaim.

Cool, cool. Then mosey on over to my website: https://kopybykenz.com/

so you can take a gander at my work!

After that, we can have a lovely chat on exactly how we'll enhance your brand's identity and grow your customer base!

Can't wait to make your acquaintance!

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