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Top 10 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors In 2020

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Published: 2020-02-27 | Modified: 2020-02-27
By: Kopy By Kenz
Posted in: Interior Decorating
Top 10 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors In 2020

Hello there friends,

2020 is in full swing, and March is right around the corner. Soon there will be plenty of invigorated homeowners looking for the most popular interior paint colors in 2020 to liven up their kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dens- you get the idea

That why I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 trending paint colors in 2020 from all of the major brands, and decorating influencers, into one easy post.


Cuz I'm just cool like that, I guess. 

This way, you can be prepared for customer questions without having to do a ton of google searches involving: “ best paint colors in 2020 ”, “ most popular paint colors in 2020 ”, or “ 2020 most popular living room paint colors

( again, you get where I’m going with this.. )

With this little list, you can effectively share the best, most 2020 trending paint colors for homeowners reaching out to you for help! 

These beautiful shades of interior paint colors are not in any particular empathic order, as color is wholly up to an individual’s taste. However, the trend seems to be a mix of very gentle, unobtrusive hues- or deep, rich colors that steal the show. No moderates to be found here.

Alright, I know your workload is about to increase as the warm weather approaches, so let’s cut to the chase, shall we? 

Here are the...

Top Ten Most Popular Paint Colors In 2020

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Numer One: Back To Nature (S340-4) By Behr

Behr’s Color of the Year 2020 ” is called “ Back to Nature ”. This beautiful natural shade of green brings the serenity of the earth to a bustling room, creating a calming but invigorating space. You'll feel as though you stepped into a beautiful hot spring in the middle of a peaceful woodland... without ever leaving home!

Check out Behr’s website , where you can take a look at this beautiful hue, yourself.

Number Two: First Light ( 2102-70 ) By Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Color Of The Year 2020 ” is called “ First Light ”. This color is the softest shade of blush you could ever dream of- a very accurate homage to its namesake in nature. It’s perfect for decorators looking to add a bit of innocence and liveliness to a room without sacrificing maturity in their style.

Here is where you can find this stunning color on Benjamin Moore’s website .

Number Three: Ripe Olive ( SW 6209 ) By Sherwin Williams

One of Sherwin Williams’s top colors from their “ 2020 Color Forecast ” is “ Ripe Olive ”. This bold hue is featured in their “ Alive ” Color Pallete and makes quite a lasting impression without feeling overwhelming. This rich, daring green heightens elegance, and adds a bit of excitement to any room.

You can check out Sherwin William’s website to fall in love with this color for yourself.

Number Four: Winter Calm ( 4001-1B ) By Valspar

Valspar “ 2020 Trending Color ” “ Winter Calm ” is a beautiful neutral shade to complement any taste. It drifts toward the lavender spectrum and is an enchanting reminder of the warmth you can enjoy from the comfort of a toasty living room, watching the snowfall outside.

Get in the mood, and envision this amazing color in your own home by visiting Valspar’s website .

Number Five: Chinese Porcelain ( PPG1160-6 ) By PPG

Porcelain brings to mind stunning delicacy, intricacy, and enchantment,]; and PPG’s Color of the Year ” in 2020 is a deep and ravishing shade of blue aptly named “ Chinese Porcelain ”. Bringing the refined beauty of porcelain and blue, you can lose yourself in this color no matter what room you decide to enhance with it.

Fall in love with this color on PPG’s website .

Number Six: Classic Blue ( 19-4052 ) By Pantone

Pantone, the father and mother of all things color, has deigned a tried and true " Classic Blue " as the “ Pantone Color of the Year ”. What can and cannot be said by the most classic of elegant colors? This beautiful blue brings one back to a time of child-like awe, without sacrificing tastefulness.

Good Housekeeping has made note of this in their post “ The Best Paint Colors For 2020, According To Designers ”.

Number Seven: White … yeah, just White

Another color listed for the trendsetting and traditionalist alike is good ole’ white. Now, while white can sometimes elicit a sense of sterility- and even boredom - in reality, white has the potential to completely wow a crowd when you let loose your creativity!

Designer, Breeze Giannasio , beautifully describes how powerful white can be in Good Housekeeping’s post “ The Best Paint Colors For 2020, According To Designers ”.

Number Eight: Chartreuse ( 14-0445 )

Etsy is a place of quirk, class, and quality. It is only natural that they would find a color to reflect that ethos in the form of Chartreuse. Etsy’s “ Color of the Year ” is bold, bright, but classic. A green leaning toward the yellow spectrum, let your wild side out with this stunning color.

You can read more about Etsy’s choice to make this color their all-star of 2020 here .

Number Nine: Minty Fresh ( DE5687 ) By Dunn Edwards

Dunn Edwards 2020 Color of the Year ” is “ Minty Fresh ”, and it looks as invigorating as it sounds. This bright, happy color combines quirk with class, and will lift the spirits of anyone who steps into the room.

Excite your decorating inspiration by checking out Dunn Edward’s website !

Number Ten: Salty Brine ( C2701 ) By C2 Paint

As we began with green, so shall we end with green. C2 Paint’s 2020 Color of the Year ” is “ Salty Brine ”. This color is subdued, ebbs and flows toward the bluer end of the spectrum, and brings to mind breezy seascapes webbed with white foam. You can practically smell the ocean when you see this color.

Check it out here on C2 Paint’s website .

Hopefully, this compilation of popular colors in 2020 has been helpful to you! 

Heck, maybe it even inspired you to start thinking about redecorating your own home!

popular paint colors in 2020.jpg

... I know I’m starting to feel like my walls could use a touch-up!


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