Kopy By Kenz

Kopy By Kenz

Pine Bush, NY


Your initial thought on blogging may cause you to envision a teeny-bopper typing away on her keyboard about how much she likes certain coffee chains and her feelings. Well, blogs can most certainly be exactly that, and that's not a problem. However, as a business owner in... (Read More)
Why Your Construction Businesses Need Blogs
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Hello there friends, 2020 is in full swing, and March is right around the corner. Soon there will be plenty of invigorated homeowners looking for the most popular interior... (Read More)
Top 10 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors In 2020
So, you might be thinking: "I am a professional in the construction industry. My work speaks for itself, and I just need the chance to work with a customer on their home project to show them (and the... (Read More)
What Is Copywriting, and Why Does Your Business Need It?
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