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Published: 2019-02-15 | Modified: 2019-05-17
By: Hadar Interiors Inc.
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NYC Interior Designer

As an NYC Interior Designer, Liat Siegel, leads Hadar Interiors Inc., a firm that was conceived through the hard work and dedication of innovative NYC Interior Designers.

Liat Siegel, at the age of 16 came from Toronto, Canada, and moved into a small apartment in the upper west side of Manhattan.  

“I immediately fell in love with the hustle of NYC,” Liat said, “I felt like, here I was, New York City, the capital of the American dream, the true all-American hustle. I just knew I was going to do great things here!”    

Liat Siegel, a third generation Home Improvement professional, is no stranger to the world of Interior Design and navigating Entrepreneurship.

“My passion for Interior Design was quite evident already when I was just 6 years old. I loved rearranging furniture and watching my Dad, an extremely detail oriented woodworker & builder, create perspective drawings and blueprints.”   

Liat’s design vision has been shaped through the mix of historic and modern New York City architecture. It became her dream to create spaces that inspired others in that same way.  Already, while attending college in NYC, she began working as an intern at Axis Mundi, a leading New York City based Interior Design Firm.   

“I loved working with the Designers there and I absolutely could not wait to become an NYC Interior Designer too!” Liat Siegel said.    But becoming an Interior Designer in NYC is no small feat. Liat Siegel was up against a saturated market of New York’s finest, world premiere, Interior Designers and Firms.

“I knew one thing for certain,” Liat said, “like Frank Sinatra so famously said about New York, If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.   

Now, Liat is vocal on social platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook. She often live-streams her New York City & Long Island Interior Design projects, guiding others to create spaces that they love.

Liat often says, “I really enjoy educating our New York Design clients and our audience on the ins and outs of a successful renovation. Whether you’re in need of Interior Design in New York or anywhere else in the world, with so much time and monetary investments, life is too short to not get it done right the first time." 

That's why Liat works so hard to reveal what most consider to be a mystery, the interior design process. "With all the resources available at my fingertips here, I am truly able to demonstrate my process. That's why I love being an NYC Interior Designer”.


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