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Weekly Update With Joshua Vita: A Mixed Used Project, Magnolia Spring Project, and Low Priced Homes

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Published: 2021-04-09 | Modified:
By: Joshua Vita
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Weekly Update With Joshua Vita: A Mixed Used Project, Magnolia Spring Project, and Low Priced Homes

Josh: A new mixed-use project opens in Magnolia. Signorelli company has a new development in Magnolia, and History Maker Homes, opens a community with homes priced below $300,000. Hello, my name is Joshua Vita. Thank you for tuning into Construction Business TV in Houston, TX.


Hello and welcome back to Construction business TV. If this is your first time welcome glad to have you here. At first, I’d like to mention if you are in the construction industry that is retail, commercial building, tradesmen anything like that please Go down to description right now and sign up for a free interview to be featured on this channel. Again, that interview is free. Also make sure to hit that bell and subscribe button to stay up to date on what's happening in construction business. OK, let's hit that first story.


OK, so first story up today is about the Magnolia Village. So, Houston based Gulf Coast Commercial Group is finalizing plans on a mixed-use project dubbed Magnolia Village. Magnolia Village covers about 60 acres and plans to include retail office and 300 apartment units on approximately 36 of those 60 acres. Gulf Coast commercials is purchasing the property from Houston based, Parkside Capital and the land sale is scheduled to close on June 30th. Houston based Identity Architects designed the project and the first phase of development is slated for fall of 2022.The development be located FM 1488 and Spur 149 in Magnolia.


OK, our next story up today also about a new development in Magnolia is the Signorelli Company is building a master planned community called Magnolia Springs. It'll cover 665 acres and is designed for up to 1900 homes. 175 of these acres are for green space, incorporating a wooded creek. The development will have 200 lots available for home builders later this year and lots will be 40 feet and 50 feet wide, and Magnolia Springs is located off of FM 1488, just north of the future Aggie Expressway, South of Texas 105.


OK, our last story up today is about history Maker Homes. So, a new residential community in LaPorte, called Artesia Village, has opened. History Maker Homes served as both the developer and the home builder for that village and the village of Artesia will cover 19 acres with a total of 82 homes on 40-foot lots. Prices are going to start at $250,000 and will stay below $300,000. The November Design Group conducted the model home merchandising and Dannebaum engineering was the civil engineer. History Maker broke ground on the development in the first quarter of 2020 and expect to sell out midway through 2022. The Community is located along State Highway 146 just South of the West Fairmount Parkway.


Thank you again for watching this edition weekly update. If you like the video, make sure to give a big thumbs up. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week.


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