Tonia Michele meets with the founder of Linares Construction and Landscaping, Carlos Linares. Tonia brings up many questions regarding the aspects of growing a construction company, overcoming challenges, and achieving goals. ... (Read More)
NEVER SETTLE! A Chat with Carlos Linares and His Very Own: Linares Construction & Landscaping Company -Gwinnett County- Atlanta, Georgia (INTERVIEW)
Figuring out the right career choice or even searching for temporary employment is a job all on its own. It takes hours to find applications that lead to legitimate opportunities and landing the interview is even harder. Many people strive to perfect their resume and write the best cover... (Read More)
Employment in the Construction Industry During COVID-19
Today we had a wonderful meeting with three employees from the Department of Planning and Urban Design here in Savannah, Georgia. The three people who joined us for our interview were Bridget Liddy, the Director of Planning and... (Read More)
The Historic Status of Savannah and What it Means for You
Although many construction sites were delayed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, a hotel under construction in Midtown remains on schedule. Noble Investment Group is building their hotel to be 180 feet tall above the ground, 14 stories, and at the corner of Peachtree Street and... (Read More)
New Hotel Construction in Midtown Georgia on track in spite of COVID-19
One of Atlanta’s biggest tourist attractions, the CNN Center in downtown, is going up for sale. According to Fulton county, this cultural landmark along with the hotel and retail complex is valued at more than $215 million. The chief financial officer, Pascal... (Read More)
Pat Gagliano is the founder and designer of Finished Basement NJ , a business focused on refurbishing and creating custom basements... (Read More)
Meet the Founder of Finished Basement NJ:  Even With The Pandemic, This Business Is Thriving
Slutty Vegan had their grand opening Saturday, July 11. With their new restaurant location, McDonough Street in Jonesboro, Georgia, looks forward to seeing a lot more citizens heading out to this renovated site.  Slutty Vegan is a plant-based restaurant that started in 2018 as a food... (Read More)
Slutty Vegan's New Location From Atlanta to Jonesboro
COVID-19 has affected many Americans, if not most. Changes in daily habits globally seem to be becoming the new “normal,” like grabbing a mask before leaving home, being aware of one's social distance, and having online conference (Read More)
A NEW Custom Home in Atlanta is being Built to Account for COVID-19
Your initial thought on blogging may cause you to envision a teeny-bopper typing away on her keyboard about how much she likes certain coffee chains and her feelings. Well, blogs can most certainly be exactly that, and that's not a problem. However, as a business owner in... (Read More)
Why Your Construction Businesses Need Blogs
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Hello there friends, 2020 is in full swing, and March is right around the corner. Soon there will be plenty of invigorated homeowners looking for the most popular interior... (Read More)
Top 10 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors In 2020
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