Today on CBTV Idaho, we're going to recognize a woman in Twin Falls who is making history in the construction industry in Idaho. We're going to update you on some things going on with the construction of the new water tower in Idaho Falls. And finally the US Department of Labor is... (Read More)
Idaho Falls is now making headway on two massive construction projects, which have now each been assigned architects to see them through to completion. I also have some information for you on the updates of the new water tower that's set to go up in Idaho Falls.  Welcome back... (Read More)
Updates on New Idaho Falls Water Tower | CBTV-Idaho Falls with Tyson Bolkcom
Today on CBTV Idaho we're going to discuss the progress of the Tautphaus Park Funland restoration project. We're going to discuss the plans the city has to improve the Greenbelt Riverwalk area we're going to discuss the city's plans to install high speed Internet across the whole city,... (Read More)
New Water Tower, New Walkways, New Internet Coverage and Restored Theme Park Coming to Idaho Falls | CBTV-Idaho Falls with Tyson Bolkcom
Josh: Hello, welcome to this edition of weekly update. My name is  Joshua Vita and CB TV journalist for Houston TX. This week we have Conroe based... (Read More)
Houston Update: Lincoln Lumber, Fitzroy Residences, 6 Houston Center, and a job opportunity

Weekly Update 01.15.2021

By Cobb2627, 2021-01-15 Josh: Hello welcome, this addition of weekly update in Houston, TX. My (Read More)
Weekly Update 01.15.2021
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