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A NEW Custom Home: Building to Account for COVID-19

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Published: 2020-06-27 | Modified: 2020-06-27
By: toniatalks
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A NEW Custom Home: Building to Account for COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected many Americans, if not most. Changes in daily habits globally seem to be becoming the new “normal,” like grabbing a mask before leaving home, being aware of one's social distance, and having online conference calls for work. 

Along with these lifestyle changes, Covid-19 has made business different for some builders. A custom builder and real estate broker, Mikel Muffley, makes special COVID accommodations to this home requested by the future homeowner. The features in this Sandy Springs, Georgia home include full house filtration systems, mound doors to keep in fresh air, and  “indoor-outdoor space--this one has a pool, outdoor areas, and rooftop terraces to get out of the bedroom to accommodate for long home stays due to COVID," explains Muffley. 

The home also accounts for the space that may be needed for husbands and wives or anyone who is officing at home. It has extra large pantries to stock up and hold more food. This home has a million dollar price tag covering nearly 2 acres and has features to “think green” for the environment. 

If these custom features sound like something you would like to implement in your next build, although it may get costly, it is definitely a good effort to keep healthy and stay safe.

Check out this information in a live footage interview on Fox 5 News. Link attached below.


06/28/20 01:22:26PM @patriaco:
This is great info! Thanks Tonia.

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