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Bing Places for Business, are Construction Pros Missing Out?

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Published: 2018-09-16 | Modified: 2020-02-25
By: The Patria Company
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Bing Places for Business, are Construction Pros Missing Out?

Is your business listed on Bing Places for Business?  I am amazed to see how few construction professionals are on Bing Places for Business.  I am even more amazed to see how few contractors are on Google Maps .  The world of advertising is changing fast and although many in the construction industry have survived using "old-school" techniques, innovators (those adopting new technologies) are quickly gobbling up fresh opportunities.


Of course everyone wants leads, so high-tech gurus are quick to supply, but what kind of quality do you get from these lead generating services?  That is a question we will tackle another day, but for now simply realize that new ways of connecting with potential customers seem to pop-up every day.   Bing Places for Business is not new, but it has undergone a major overhaul and is ready to give Google Maps some real competition.


Do you remember MapQuest?  Until 2005, this mapping program dominated the digital mapping market.  Both Microsoft and Google introduced online mapping services in 2005.  It is hard to believe that in only 13 short years a new set of expectations clearly dominate the view points of new potential customers. The Bing team at Microsoft understand this set of expectations and have a competitive solution.

#1. Brand new potential customers DO NOT trust reviews alone.  They will search for your business outside of lead generation apps.

#2. How old is your website?  A website that looks "dated" can send many negative messages to prospects.  "Is their business in good shape?"  "Will they use the latest technologies to service my needs?"

#3. Can they find you on the map?  If you are not on Bing Places for Business or Google Maps, you might as well not exist at all (especially in the minds of younger customers).


One major issue that we see often is the confusion with how to set up these listings.  Making a Google Maps admin account and a Bing Places for Business admin account with more logins and passwords!  It can drive a person crazy!

We understand and are here to help.


Over the last ten years Bing has nearly TRIPLED its  search engine market share !  That means that more and more people each year are seeing the local business results from Bing Places for Business.  So, are you ready to get your business listed so that customers can find you?

If you need a "hand-up" we offer this service for free to our Branded and Professional Listing clients (as well as, Business Website clients, too).  Creating a listing is free and easy.   Upgrading is simple and inexpensive.

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A man of many words, but always ready to listen.  After 20+ years and 700+ clients, he is still staying on the cutting edge of technology based business solutions.  He may just have the answer to your most challenging business situation, so get in touch today at


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